Catalogue 'National Geographic'

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Catalog published for the exhibition of the same name in which Charris and Miki Leal (Sevilla, 1974), two artists whose pictorial imaginary is nourished by experiential aspects related to the knowledge of the world, pose a dialogue around the trip, an adventure nontransferable that allows us to get closer to other cultures and understand ourselves better.

'National Geographic' was presented in January 2017 at the Palace of the Madraza of Granada (Spain).


Year: 2017
Characteristics: Softcover. 104 pages
Dimensions: 16,5 x 23 cm.
Language: Spanish
Edit: Editorial Universidad de Granada (Spain)
Texts: Sema D'Acosta y Pamela Medina
Print: Imprenta Comercial Motril
Desing: Antonio Collados Alcaide y Patricia Garzón Martínez

ISBN: 978-84-338-6038-5
Legal deposit: GR/417-2017