Catalogue 'Morería Baja'

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"The Morería Baja street is old and endearing that connects the Puerta de Murcia and the San Fernando street, and in it I have become a painter. From an old house at number thirty-five the paintings that have shaped my career have been emerging, the charris of Charris, the canvases and wood combined, the painting, there was a time when the street was cheerful and festivea, the clothes on the balconies, the fruit boxes in the store opposite, the sailors' bars and the house of tattoos gave a Neapolitan and popular air, a southern and port character of which I was very proud". (Charris)

Catalog published in 2005 for the exhibition 'Morería baja' organized by Aural Gallery (Alicante, Spain).


Year: 2005
Characteristics: Softcover. 48 pages
Dimensions: 14 x 14 cm.
Language: Spanish
Edit: Aural
Texts and desing: Ángel Mateo Charris