Catalogue 'Pictionary Island'

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Catalogue published for the exhibition of the same name that was presented in May 2011 at the Hermitage of San Roque de Fuente Álamo (Murcia, Spain) and in a second stage, in June of the same year, at the Lumbreras Gallery in Bilbao (Spain)

On this occasion Charris proposed to several writers and friends a game: no previous data, no size or references, just a word with which he owns the piece and a text that alludes to that title, not necessarily the work. And thus appeared poems and small texts ready to be transformed into images, sounds, colors, more words, braiding a spider web, fragile but resistant, between words, images and emotions.


Year: 2017
Characteristics: Softcover, 40 pages
Dimensions: 16,5 x 23 cm.
Language: Spanish
Edit: Ayuntamiento de Fuente Álamo (Murcia, Spain)
Textos: José Alcaráz, Alberto Soler, Juan de Dios García, José Óscar López, Alejandro Hermosilla, Cristia Morano, Beatriz Miralles, León Molina, Mar Navarro, Hugo Cano, José Daniel Espejo, Noelia Illán, Vicente Velasco, Antonio Moreno, Diego Sánchez Aguilar, Héctor Castilla, Juan Lorenzo Mendoza Martínez, José Celdrán Peñalver and Ángel Mateo Charris.
Desing: Ángel Mateo Charris

Legal deposit: MU/538-2017


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