Silkscreen folder 'Miners'

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"The miners are a special race. Scattered across the planet, they spend most of their lives underground, swallowing dust and breathing minerals to feed their families living in the open sky. No one knows more than them about the precariousness of the existence, of the hardness of bosses and companies or of what comforts a sunbeam. Some of them sing, alone as in La Unión, or in choirs as in Ireland and Great Britain. And when the mine is removed from their faces perhaps resemble us, others. " (Charris)

This edition, made on the occasion of the centenary of the restaurant El Vinagrero of La Unión (Murcia, España), consists of 90 examples numbered and signed by the author, which includes 6 silskscreen.


Year: 2010
3-ink silkscreens
Edition: 90 copies with 6 skilscreen
Printed in the Pepe Jiménez workshop, La Ermita, Murcia (Spain)
Paper: Super Alfa 250 grs.
Dimensions: 35 x 25 cm.