Where it says Wayne I say amen


“(…) - I believe that the world faces that today, the unknown, and that Humanity needs courage to face the challenge. That is Art, to go into the future without fear,
- How is fear overcome?
Not worrying about mistake, because I don't think it exists. Same as the formulas. I think that formulas and prescriptions in art have always been just an illusion. It is like life: there are no formulas for happiness, only a journey without beginning or end, like an improvisation.
- What defects do you see in the artistic present?
-The desire for material and commercial reward. The desire to be creative or imaginative is driven by the pursuit of economic power, and I believe this is due to having left culture at the bottom of society for too long.
- Money should be a consequence, not the goal.
-Exactly. Good Art does not seek to make money, but to raise the spiritual level of Humanity, to make the human condition something more worthy. Art means fighting to be a better person, Painting came because we wanted to be better people. (…) "

In these days when art fairs are once again showing signs of life and a staggered return to normality, I would like to find such a statement in the newspapers instead of the usual parade of banalities, money, price records, about who buys what, about market and racehorses. But it won't happen. Not even these words have been said by anyone exactly like that, although yes in spirit, because they come from an interview with musician Wayne Shorter on ABC back in 2010 to which I have altered a few words. Where he said jazz I say art, and where it says Wayne I say amen.