Una de aventuras


Centro Cultural Cajamurcia, Palacio Pedreño.

"I imagine Charris' journeys like a route through the folds of painting. He transforms the landscape into art supplies. His journey is none other than the adventure through and in painting. With Charris, adventure, travel and paint merge and become one.
As many experts in literature and analytical psychology have shown, stories about travels and adventures traditionally described paths of initiation. That is, a learning process through which the young person gains maturity at the end or the protagonist reaches his spiritual core. In other words, the hero - whether by force or voluntarily - sets out on a path full of unforeseen incidents, obstacles and temptations and must overcome trials - facing the monster or death itself - in order to find a reward at the end of the road. Triumph represented a rebirth and the appearance of a new awareness. But are these times of epic tales and heroes? And is Charris' work not brimming with a healthy irony that dissolves the myths of modernity and, by extension, all rhetoric about heroism? And yet, we feel certain that his painting is about initiation, in search of a clue to decipher a secret. An initiation adventure whose profound meaning may be concealed precisely under that layer of irony, but an initiation adventure nonetheless."

Jaume Vidal Olivares