Cape Cod/Cabo de Palos. Following the Footprints of Hopper


Muralla Bizantina, Cartagena. Sala El Martillo, Murcia. Sala La Lonjeta, Valencia.

Charris + Gonzalo Sicre

"Ninety percent of all artists are forgotten ten minutes after they are dead, Edward Hopper once remarked with his typical terse cynicism. History has proven him wrong, of course, many times over, most recently via the newest of new media from a land where Hopper´s fame had not reached before: via e-mail from Spain Angel Mateo Charris and Gonzalo Sicre Maqueda wrote of Hopper´s impact on their painting. Nor content merely to admire reproductions of Hopper's works, Charris and Sicre had actually traveled to America to see his painting and where he painted them. Sensing a strong parallel between their own Cabo de Palos and Hopper's Cape Cod, they chose to explore this coincidence, visiting South Truro, Massachusetts, where, from 1930 until just before his death in 1967, Hopper spent really half of every year. There they could imbibe the same salt air, luxuriate in the same intense light, and paint their own responses to the rustic architecture and rolling landscape that both captivate and frustrated Hopper."

Gail Levin