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We set up an online store where you can buy catalogs, books, editions of graphic work and products related to the artist Ángel Mateo Charris.
We started with an unpublished book -The Seas of Tiki- that collects all the works created around the South Seas and the tiki with Lotus Eater, the painter discovered and sponsored by Charris in the Marquesas. We complete this Polynesian series with screenprinting specially published for this cycle of exhibitions and used as a cover in the book.
We also offer other books and catalogs difficult to obtain, to which we will be adding new additions in the coming months, and a selection of graphic works that will be available for a limited time.


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Charris Shop has the express authorization of the artist to sell products avaible in the store. All editions of graphic work are accompained by a certificate of authenticity signed by Charris.

Our catalog is organized in 2 categories; Books and catalogs and graphic work.

Security and payments: Bazar Charris is a 100% secure page and will only accept payments through bank transfer or deposit, so at no time will you ask your customers for your credit card or PayPal account information.

Shipping: The Bazaar will ship worldwide and its cost will be calculated automatically, depending on the weight of the products and their destination.

Contact: The Bazar has an exclusive email to answer all inquiries, questions and information about products and orders.

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The Bazaar Charris Team.