"Oneself as another" at CAB


Caja de Burgos Foundation Collection

View of the "Piel de asno" exhibition at the CAB. Burgos, 2013.

View of the "Piel de asno" exhibition at the CAB. Burgos, 2013.

View of the "Piel de asno" exhibition at the CAB. Burgos, 2013.

El CAB begins a new exhibition cycle in which it includes the exhibition "Self as another" in which I participate with a work that was exhibited in that center in 2013 as part of the Piel de asno exhibition with Martín Lejarraga . In the press release of the center they explain it like this:

Twenty works by fifteen artists make up this proposal from the Caja de Burgos CAB Art Center.
The story of what has happened to us recently, and the reflection that ensued, needs (and will need) a sustained debate that addresses the multiple edges with which personal perception and social reality seem to dispute the construction of what we believe to be the truth. The exhibition Sí mismo como otro wants to contribute to this discussion with a series of works belonging to the Caja de Burgos Foundation Collection. Works by fifteen artists selected from the additions to the catalog in previous years address, from different budgets, the relationship we have established between who we are, what depends on our will, and what actually emerges from others.
The title, taken from the well-known text by Paul Ricoeur, alludes to ethics and identity, to what is the self and what is foreign, and to the other as a participant in a life in which both otherness and the essence of the personal, action and narration fit. Sí mismo como otro wants to be, in some way, a small celebration.
Since 2011 we have not shown works from our own collection. In addition, many of these pieces have never been exhibited in the CAB, or they have only been in exhibitions organized between 2012 and 2016, so the time that has elapsed invites, if not discovery, then reunion with some of these fondly-remembered works. Consequently, we have opted for the works farthest from recent exhibition cycles, which are fresher and still palpitating in close memory.

Works by Pello Irazu, Ángel Mateo Charris, Elena Blasco, Gonzalo Sicre, Bernardí Roig, Lucy Skaer, Eduardo Gruber, Marina Núñez, Alberto Corazón, Carla Arocha & Stéphane Schraenen, Jorge Pardo, Zilla Leutenegger, Fernando Martín Godoy, Narda Alvarado and Eva Lootz.